Heinrich Freiberger (born in Schwand), familiar with the industry through his work in the distribution of aluminum and zinc die-cast alloys of a Nuremberg metalworks, founded the die-casting factory in 1972 with the construction of a small production hall in Schwanstetten. Initially started in zinc die-casting and at first with only one employee, in 1980 the first expansion of the production premises followed. Due to the steady growth 9 years later another cultivation project (modern machine foundry hall) was tackled in order to further increase the production capacities. In 2010, Constanze Freiberger, the second generation, began to work for the traditional family business and has been leading this since 2014, after successfully completing her dual studies, together with her father. As a recognized training company with a long tradition, many trainees in the technical and commercial area were led by us to a professional qualification. Some are still important employees and use their knowledge to shape the success story of our company.
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From the distribution of die-cast alloys to our own die-casting factory