We cast on our 4 cold chamber die casting machines with clamping forces of 100 to 420 tons die castings up to 4,800 grams from these alloys: - EN AC-46000 EN AC-AISi9Cu3(Fe) - EN AC-44300 EN AC-AISi12(Fe) - EN AC-47100 EN AC-AISi12Cu1(Fe) - EN AC-43400 EN AC-AISi10Mg(Fe) - EN AC-51200 EN AC-AIMg9 - A 380.0
(226 D) (230 D) (231 D) (239 D) (349)
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Aluminum die-casting for demanding workpieces of low weight
In the cold chamber process, the liquid aluminum is drawn from the separate holding furnace in the compression chamber; the casting cycle begins.
Die-cast Zinc die-cast